The first weekend. 

I just had my very first weekend in St. Lucia, starting my journey as a Peace Corps volunteer. It’s really hard to believe that venting to a friend and boyfriend lead me to blurt out “I’M JUST GOING TO JOIN THE PEACE CORPS!”, because I didn’t want to start teaching in South Carolina right out of college. I didn’t want a Monday through Friday 6am to 6pm job where I felt under appreciated and where I would try everything I could and still be wrong. And now I’m here. An original thought that I seriously thought would be absolutely nothing, turned into something very serious. Of course, similar feelings will occur while teaching here, I know, I know…

But there is just something about moving far away surrounded by unfamiliar faces (even your own because it’s drenched in sweat, more from nervousness than from heat) that can only be described by actually doing it.

Oh of course it’s hard and the hardest part hasn’t even started. I may or may not have cried all the way through my first flight. But we got that over with. I also may or may not have freaked out at the swarming strong personalities from my fellow volunteers. I forgot to mention amazing, interesting, and extremely supportive fellow volunteers. AND I’VE ONLY KNOWN THEM FOR THREE DAYS! Also I’m missing Jurassic World. So as you can read, a lot is happening in my mind and outside of it. And those volunteers are really the only ones who understand, as I go back and forth from freaking out and being excited. You can throw some exhaustion into that mix as well.

 The breathtaking view temporarily puts your mind at ease. 

Not to mention the amazing fruit found everywhere!

Like this coconut found on our walk Saturday morning that was banged against a rock for fifteen minutes until the coconut water busted out like a pinata.
After the weekend of getting our minds ready for training and scared of diseases we have a %99.9 percent chance of all getting (don’t worry I can’t die from any of them), we get ready to meet the families who will protect us, give us guidance, and answer all of our questions.

All ready my host family has been incredibly sweet. When First walked into the house, I told Patricia, my new mom, that her home is beautiful. She immediately corrected me and said “our home”.


And thats my amazing view from my beautiful home.


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