I am turning into April Ludgate over here. 

It’s true. I realized it today on my hour bus ride to town from a Peace Corps workshop. Probably because I left my music at my house. Though it was actually a good, supportive day today, the feelings and changes are still there.

The idea that I am April Ludgate started to come to mind after getting hit on, once again, by a local. My original reaction is immediately “EW NO”. If those words every actually slip from my mouth by accident, I have no choice but to explain to the man making me feel gross that now…

All seriousness, I do become super sarcastic. Seems to be working.

It is now pouring down rain, which is still pretty scary after Erika. So much school has already been cancelled. My school let out early yesterday because it was raining so hard that a bridge to some children and teachers’ homes started flooding. I will now quote a fellow/former volunteer Chui. “Whoever wanted to save the rainforest has never been in it.”

I’ve lost count of how many mosquitoes I’ve killed by hand. I’d say that’s an accomplishment.

The intigration process is exhausting. I feel tired all the time and not really myself. The other night I went to a child’s birthday party. I was going to head home but I knew the birthday boy’s mother and she stopped me and handed me a glass of wine. Wasn’t going to refuse that but despite her warm welcoming, trying to make new “friends” in a new culture is difficult. Just imagine introducing yourself to someone, and the only response you receive is “okay.”

After I try, I just stand there until I see someone who will make less awkward conversation with me for five minutes. Five minutes is the goal. I aim high.

And then there’s co-teaching in a new culture.

It’s good to remind yourself a few reasons why you’re here. Oh yeah, that thing called a real job.

Then when I get home from school, I can tell the new environment is really draining me.

Now so far we have had the occasional awesome integration invitation going out and having a good time. You just have to be open and ready for every opportunity that might knock at your door. Except there’s no knocking. Just someone yelling your name from the street. Hopefully it’s not that guy trying to hit on you again.

It’s a part of the culture. It’s cool mom.

And now I have officially turned you into April Ludgate, haven’t I? Because now you’re thinking

But April has some good points.

And in reality,

Luckily, this island has pizza. OR I WOULD BE ON A PLANE RIGHT NOW.
But for the most part, the island of Dominica is very beautiful and the people really care about each other.


So don’t let this face I’m making most of the time fool you.

New goal: turn into Leslie Knope and get s*** done. (

Hopefully picture of my little cuties learning how to read coming soon!


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